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Nescafe Spark Digital

In 2009 Nescafe had still done very little digital work, so we worked closely with them on the Nescafe 'Spark' campaign.

Firstly we created a series of press ads shot at midnight in Kew Gardens with photographer John Martin and using graffiti artist Jimmy Crayon to draw images by torchlight on a long exposure. The effects were stunning.

Fire Fire Star Globe

We then took the idea of a travelling 'spark' of light into the online space.

We created rich media home-page takeovers, expandable skyscrapers and leaderboards to interupt people's online activity.

Click below to watch them.

Takeover Thumb Nescafe Leaderboard Nescafe Expandable Skyscraper

Spark Take over Spark Expandable




All work ┬ęChris&Matt 2013