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Fable 3 Kingmaker

Kingmaker was an app based geo-location territory-grabbing game we created to launch the Xbox 360 game Fable 3. Players signed up, took sides and planted virtual flags in 7 countries Europe wide to claim territory for their team. For every flag they planted they earned gold coins. We also hid virtual treasure throughout each of the 7 countries. Players had to get within 50 metres of the treasure to claim it. We built a website so that players could track the battle in more detail, see leaderboards and plan their next move. The game went live 1 month before the launch of Fable 3. We then created a unique piece of software that allowed players to transfer all the gold they earned from their smartphones into Xbox Live so that they could use the money in Fable 3 to buy weapons, clothing, even castles and pubs.

In short, it meant that players didn’t have to start the game as paupers. In fact many players started the game with vast riches and huge properties and weapons hordes.

Over 93,000 players signed up to play.
Kingmaker experienced over 20 million social media impressions and the game Fable 3 entered the gaming charts at number 1.



How we did it.
Firstly we created the Kingmaker game content and designed an app for iPhone, Android and Windows 7 users. This was to be their ultimate weapon – it allowed them to plant flags in different territories throughout the day: on their way to college or work and back again.

Kingmaker App

We then created our battle website where players could track their progress in more detail than the app could ever offer.

Kingmaker website

Click to see the site (the game has finished).

To recruit players we started by using Xbox’s CRM database to tell players about the game.
We also teamed up with ‘GAME’ stores – who sent a printed flyer in the post to all their subscribers.
In the run up to the launch of the app, the gaming community blogs went berserk.

We then issued recruitment posters – for gamers to stick on their walls.

Defend the Flag Join The Fight You Sir! Europa Need You

We also managed to produce personalised recruitment ads for all subscribers of Xbox Magazine – who received their individualised magazines, recruiting them by name, in the post a few days after the game launched – an industry first.

Revolting Defend Albion Personalised Ad in Situ


To hook gamers in we also created a ‘How to’ style teaser video which ran on YouTube and was posted to gaming blogs.


Online, we re-skinned major gaming websites, created home page take-overs, leaderboards and MPU's to drive people to the site. We also had live Twitter feeds running across key web sites to give continuous battle updates.

Defend the Flag

Kingmaker MPU

Kingmaker Leaderboard

Once the app went live word spread fast, as we offered players the opportunity to earn double or triple gold if they linked their flag planting activity to Facebook and Twitter.



All work ©Chris&Matt 2013