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XBOX Kinect Star Wars Social Media App


To help launch the Kinect Star Wars game for Xbox 360 we wanted to inspire real conversation and genuine buzz, so we created an app to coincide with the launch.

Kinect Star Wars immerses gamers into the Star Wars universe. Everything from Lightsabres to Pod Racing, so we decided to give their social networking a Star Wars makeover.

The app we created brings together their Facebook and Twitter feeds into one place with the same functionality but the added fun of a Star Wars theme.

Users of the app can then simply rotate their smartphone and create their own iconic Star Wars title crawl made up of their posts and tweets – all set to the epic Star Wars theme tune.

We then added in the functionality of receiving tweets from the famous Star Wars droids C3PO and R2D2.

To create buzz around the launch of the app we used XBOX Live, gamer blogs and  Xbox’s Facebook and Twitter pages to get the word out.

We also created a fun online video to promote the app – with a budget of just £14k and full approval from LucasFilm to use characters from the film.

The app reached 10,000 downloads in the first 2 weeks and helped make Kinect Star Wars the fastest selling Kinect title for Xbox.


XBOX Kinect Star Wars Social Media app promo film.

A short promo film we shot with diretor Keith Rogerson using the Canon 5D Digital SLR camera. The tale of a man so immersed in his Star Wars themed social networking he thinks he's seeing characters from the film in the real world...


The app. Available on iPhone, Android and Windows 7.


Kinect Star Wars App

Kinect Star Wars App





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