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The craft of film and television has always been one of our biggest passions. Finding and working with good directors to bring our ideas to life is something we consider to be key to getting the best results. We've worked with budgets from £10k (Xbox Gears of War Teaser) to £1.2m (The Co-operative Brand film).


Range Rover Evoque ‘Tram’ 60 second global TV spot

Celebrated and awarded for its unique design and stand-out looks the Range Rover Evoque has become a hugely popular city-going 4x4. Wherever it goes it draws attention – exactly what we wanted to bring to life in a 60 second TV spot. We wrote a whole campaign around the idea that 'One Look Is All It Takes'. Our resulting Italian ‘love’ story was directed by Vince Squibb at Gorgeous Films, with Bruno Delbonnel the Director of Photography. The film was shot on the Arri Alexa camera.

Land Rover Discovery VISION Concept Car Reveal

In 2014 Land Rover wanted to announce the arrival of a new vision for the Discovery brand. A brand that was set to become a family of vehicles rather than one with a completely new approach. We were tasked with creating a short piece of film revealing the concept vehicle and its stunning new lines and design cues with technology at its heart. The entire piece was created using Land Rover’s concept CAD files and rendered by Big Buoy productions. Directed by Jean Louis. Sound Design and Mix by James Saunders @ LFO Sound with music elements by Eleni Hassabis.

Loyd Grossman Sauces - 'Get Flavour'.

Premier Foods and Loyd Grossman were looking to capture the imagination of consumers with a radical new approach to advertising his bold, rich sauces. We worked alongside designer Carl Rapp and director Igor Zimmerman to produce this 30 second TV spot.

Shot on Arri Alexa with post production sequences completed at Framestore London. 

MasterCard BRIT Awards Sponsorship Idents 2012- 'Priceless Duets'.

As part of MasterCard's sponsorship of the 2012 BRIT awards we created a series of short films continuing our theme of giving something back to the fans.

The idea was to create surprise Priceless Duets and then offer the public the chance to sign up to win one of their own.

We basically found great singers on YouTube who had uploaded their own cover versions of their idols songs.

We then tricked them into thinking they were coming along with their friends to make a documentary for MasterCard about 'Priceless Girlie Nights Out'. We got them singing in the back of a stretch limo to a Jessie J track - little did they know, but when the car stops at a set of traffic lights, Jessie J jumps in and joins in. Their reaction was, well, Priceless.

Shot on the Arri Alexa HD camera with director Steve Reeves.

You can see the whole campaign in the Digital & Integrated section.


Emeli Sandé surprises Alice Ella and her friends from Horsham during what she thought was filming for a documentary about 'Priceless Karaoke Nights'.



MasterCard BRIT Awards Sponsorship Idents 2011- 'Something For The Fans'.

Here's a selection of sponsorship idents we created for the 2011 BRIT awards as part of a much bigger integrated campaign.

To leverage MasterCard's 13th year of sponsoring the BRITS we came up with the idea of 'Something for the Fans: Priceless'. An opportunity for MasterCard and music artists to give something back to the most important people - the fans.
We approached a range of BRITS-nominated stars and asked them if they could give something 'Priceless' back to the fans, what would they give.
We created a website to showcase the stars items and fans signed up to win them. The winning fans were told to come along to a selected venue to receive their Priceless memorabilia - but we didn't tell them it would be handed over by the artists...

Shot on Arri Alexa digital with director Steve Reeves.

You can see the whole campaign in the Digital & Integrated section.


The Co-operative Brand Film - 'Seeds'.

We created this brand commercial for The Co-operative to showcase the brand’s re-launch. The Co-operative wanted a piece of film that would draw people in and make them reassess the company’s offering.
They wanted to communicate their range of products and services in a simple way that built on their profit-sharing business model. The launch of the commercial coincided with a complete revamp of all their stores and corporate ID.
'When the benefits are passed around - it's good for everyone' was the concept we came up with. We decided to visualise that in a simple story where a boy blows a dandelion and the seeds float off to touch people around the world, eventually finding their way back to him.

We shot the commercial in many locations around the UK, Iceland and South Africa. We shot on 35mm with US director Ramon Bloomberg and spent many months in post-production choreographing the dandelion seeds.

The real coup was persuading Bob Dylan to let us use his iconic track 'Blowin' in the Wind'. He'd never previously allowed any of his music to be used in commercials.

The final version of the film timed in at 2 mins 40 - exactly the length of Bob's original music track and played out in the entire Coronation Street ad break.



MasterCard Champions League Sponsorship - 'Witnessing History'

We created an entire campaign for MasterCard's sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League based around the idea of 'Witnessing History: Priceless". The campaign covered everything from the visual identity to print, online and film.

We shot this 60 second commercial with the directing duo 'Double Act' on the versatile digital RED camera.



Sony Ericsson C905 Cybershot Phone - 'Let your pictures Loose'

We came up with the idea of 'Let your pictures loose' when when we saw how good the 8 megapixel camera inside the Sony Ericsson C905 phone actually was. All the large images seen in the film were actually shot on the phone and blown up as big as they would go. Which was very big indeed.

We shot the commercial in Berlin on 35mm with directing duo Conkerco.



XBOX Virtua Fighter - VIRAL

To get across the idea that Virtua Fighter is even better when you play with mates on Xbox Live - we created this short viral with Ralf Little playing online with his one-time flat mate Will Mellor.



Sharwoods Thai, Indian and Chinese Cooking Range - 'The Chefs'

Sharwood's wanted us to created a new campaign to showcase their Chinese, Indian and Thai ranges. Following a visit to their recipe-creation and sampling kitchens we chatted to the chefs and discovered that they regularly go off travelling to find new recipes and ingredients, bring them back to the UK and perfect them for the British palette. We then created the campaign 'So much more to Discover' in the style of a TV documentary.

Shot in China, Malaysia and Sri Lanka on Digi-Beta with director Helen Simpson.



MICROSOFT Rugby Sponsorship 'Aim Higher'

Microsoft sponsored rugby in the UK and wanted to put across some really simple value propositions in the rugby genre. So we created this little animated campaign and asked Simon Tofield, creator of YouTube sensation 'Simon's Cat' to animate them for us and lucky for us, he was well up for it.

MICROSOFT Rugby Sponsorship 'Grow Yourself'


MICROSOFT Rugby Sponsorship 'Get Creative'


MICROSOFT Rugby Sponsorship 'Be Ambitious'



SHARWOODS New Thai Range - 'Journey'

Sharwood's wanted to extend their 'Go East' campaign and tell consumers about their new Thai cooking range. So we created a journey through Thailand where the signs and place names became ingredients for a new recipe.

We shot the ad in Thailand on 35mm with director Miranda Bowen.



Bacardi Rigo - 'The Barber'

This was commercial created for a new Bacardi drink. As it wasn't clear to people what was in it, this became the client's brief to us. So we decided to use the ingredients - Bacardi, lime and soda - to tell a story.

Shot in Barcelona on 35 mm film with director Howard Greenhalgh.



Apetina Feta - 'Gallery'

Apetina wanted to communicate how Feta isn't just for salads and is actually quite versatile. So we decided to create an off the wall gallery tour, where little talking cubes of Feta cheese are guided around a gallery of amazing Feta dishes wearing headphones. Their tour guide? Art critic Brian Sewell of course.

Created using stop animation with director Michael Wright from Partizan Films.



XBOX Gears of War Teaser - 'They're Down There'

We created this taster/teaser for Xbox to excite gamers in the week leading up to the launch of Gears of War.
We only had £10k to produce this ad, so it was originally going to be just a simple 10 second spot. However, we approached French director Jeremy Haccoun and he was keen to get on board. So keen, in fact, that he gave his time for nothing and went on to shoot the ad on 35mm, edit it, do the effects himself and the sound design too. Needless to say, the original 10 second spot quickly grew into a 30 second spot. The rats however, were useless and did everything we didn't want them to do.



Capital One - 'Identity Theft'

The brief was to get the rising problem of identity theft onto people's radars and offer them advice and protection. We came up with the idea of using Alistair McGowan, the impersonator, to tell everyone just how easy it is to take someone's identity. The ad was a massive success, except for Alistair, whose own identity was apparently stolen a few weeks after we shot the campaign.

This is the first ad in a series, shot on 35mm with director and ex-creative Steve Hudson.



Nurofen - 'Pinpoint'

We created this ad entirely in CGI with director Doug Foster.
Our idea was to communicate that Nurofen acts directly at the site of pain. The ad took several months to create and Nurofen only ran it a few times before they decided on a change of strategy.




Bacardi Breezer - 'In Laws'

We came up with this ad to bring to life the idea that 'There's Latin Spirit in Every One'.
Shot on 35mm with Director Howard Greenhalgh.





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