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Land Rover Discovery Sport - The Adventure Gene Test

Scientists recently discovered the DRD4-7R 'Adventure Gene'. 1 in 4 people carry it. As part of the launch of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport we created an immersive and interactive online test to find out how you'd react when placed in different situations and ultimately your chances of carrying the gene.

Land Rover Adventure Gene Test


Xbox Halo 4 'Roll of Honour' - Facebook Integrated Live Ad

Halo 4 was the biggest XBOX game launch to date. To celebrate the gamers who enlisted in the fight to save humanity we created a social media campaign that allowed users to sign up to a Facebook 'Roll of Honour' and a chance to appear in an ad that featured completely new gamers and live gaming stats everytime it went on air. Click below.

Halo 4 Facebook Integrated TV Spot


MasterCard BRIT Awards Sponsorship 2012

Building on the 'Something For The Fans' idea we created in 2011 - this campaign gives fans the ultimate Priceless opportunity - to sing with their idols.

MasterCard BRIT Awards 2012 Integrated Campaign


Fable 3 Kingmaker

A totally integrated campaign we created to launch the XBOX game Fable 3. A multi-platform game app, a website, unique print, online video, banners, MPU's, homepage take-overs - the works.

Kingmaker Online game and App


Xbox Kinect Star Wars - Social Media App

To raise the awareness of the launch of the new Xbox Kinect Star Wars title we created a Star Wars themed social media app and an online film to promote it.

Kinect Star Wars Social App


XBOX Call of Duty 'Wet Ops' April Fool

A press ad that kicks off a digital campaign aimed at Call of Duty players - but it's all an elaborate April Fool trick.

Call Of Duty Digital Campaign


Kaspersky Internet Security - Integrated Campaign

Kaspersky Internet Security were looking for an agency to help lift their brand profile.We pitched and won the business with an idea that moved them into a much warmer, less corporate place. The thinking was simple; Kasperksy protects the digital things that make you, you.

Kaspersky Anti Virus Integrated Campaign


MasterCard BRIT Awards Sponsorship 2011

We helped MasterCard celebrate 13 years of BRIT Awards sponsorship by creating this fully integrated campaign giving something back to the fans.

MasterCard Brit Awards 2011 Integrated Campaign


MasterCard UEFA Champions League Sponsorship

To herald MasterCard's sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League we created this integrated campaign under the idea - Witnessing History: Priceless.

MasterCard Champions League Campaign


Nescafe Original - Spark

A collection of banners, MPU's and a homepage take-over using rich media to catch people's attention.

Nescafe Online Campaign



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