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MasterCard BRIT Awards Sponsorship 2011

MasterCard had been the headline sponsor of the Brit Awards for 13 years and wanted a campaign that would be ‘Priceless’ to fans of the music and musicians involved.  

Now, considering that the stars nominated each year owe their success to the fans who buy and support their music – we thought it would be a fitting gesture if they gave something back to them. So we created ‘Something for the Fans’ – a competition that offered people the chance to win items that were personal, and therefore ‘Priceless’ to the stars in question.

The campaign consisted of TV idents aired during the nominations and awards shows, shot by Steve Reeves from Another Film Company. This was backed up by various social media channels, print and posters, and PR in newspapers and on radio.

By the time the campaign had drawn to a close – we had over 15,000 competition entries and 61,000 website – all during the period of 1 month.



How we did it.
First we set up a website: where people could sign up and peruse the different ‘Priceless Collectibles’ on offer.
These included Tinie Tempah’s trademark Rayban sunglasses, Eliza Doolittle’s signed Nike trainers, The Ting Ting’s signed snare drum from their world tour, and the snakeskin shoes worn by Tom Meighan during Kasabian’s legendary performance at the 2010 Brit Awards.

Brits site 1 Brists site 2

Brits site 3 Brits site 4


These were then showcased during the Brits Nominations show via a series of idents featuring the stars offering up their Priceless items to win.


These videos were also placed on all the key social music networks to target fans according to their age, gender and music tastes.

We also placed ads in the national press.

Tinie Launch Ting Ting Launch

To direct traffic to the site we placed banner ads on all the leading music radio sites in the UK.

Meanwhile the stars themselves used Twitter and Facebook to deliver the message directly to their fans.

The winners were drawn a month later, and we filmed them receiving their prizes.
However, none of them realised they’d be getting them straight from the stars themselves – and these provided us with the ‘Priceless’ moments we were after for our Brit Awards Show idents..

But just when people though that the fun was over – on the actual night of the Brits we released a whole raft of new Priceless Collectibles, and these we featured throughout the journey from the tube to the O2 itself and could be entered by simply texting.

Proximity Tinie Proximity Ting Tings Proximity Eliza Proximity Rod

We took over all the advertising sites around Greenwich North Station and the O2 for the night of the awards. Everything from posters and digital screens to hanging banners and floor stickers.

Tinie Tempah claimed two Brit Awards on the night and we managed to get a press ad away the next day to act as a thank you to the fans.

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