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Land Rover Discovery Sport - The Adventure Gene Test


The DRD4-7R ‘Adventure Gene’. 1 in 4 people have it. Do you?

Some people have what is known as the ‘Adventure Gene’ in their DNA. This makes them more likely to take risks, explore and push boundaries. So, as part of the launch of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport we created an interactive and totally immersive cross-platform online test giving people the chance to find out how adventurous they are, and whether they are likely to be carrying this gene. In The Adventure Gene Test users find themselves in a series of challenging positions. Each scenario provides a choice of paths to take, and the user’s ultimate score depends on the decisions they choose to make.

CLICK the movie below for a fly-through taster of the experience or take the test for yourself on the Land Rover website:

The ‘Adventure Gene Test’ is an adrenaline-fuelled journey, shot entirely in POV, that drops the user at the heart of the experience. The gene itself comes to life in a dramatic cinematic opening film created entirely in bespoke 3D, to take each user right under the skin. We created a one-off camera rig to capture the experience in digital HD.


Each adventurer and their Land Rover Discovery Sport is put against the clock and is challenged with a series of decisions across different locations. We created seamless interaction points to invite the user to choose between three possible outcomes that will take them to the next leg of their adventure. Paraglide off a cliffside, taste exotic food or embark on a river crossing, every move is calculated.
Once complete, data from the journey is analysed and presented as a final percentage determining how likely they are to be carrying the ‘Adventure Gene.’ The site then creates a 10 second fast-paced edit of the journey they just took and the score they received to share across social platforms and challenge friends.

We chose Rohan Blair-Mangat to direct the action and Stink Digital to build the online test across all platforms - entirely in HTML5. We then enlisted the binaural skills of Patch at Final Cut to augment the sound for a fuller experience.


A selection of grabs from the experience showing the user interface and icons we designed from scratch.








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